Welcome to Young Makers!

In 2012 we received a grant from Microchip to build up a Vex robotics team and participate in various scrimmages and competitions throughout the valley. We did so with varying success as it was our first year in Vex.

Last year our team of two took their robot all the way to the Arizona State Championships, won the Judges' Award and were only a few points shy of going to the World Championships.

This year we have grown into two Vex teams and as such have grown out of the original kit provided by the grant. As a team, we are reaching out in search of grant opportunities and sponsorships.

We have placed a PayPal donation widget on this site and the HSL homepage, and have it tagged for Young Makers donations. Your PayPal donations will allow us to:

  • purchase an additional vex kit to accommodate our expanding team
  • print team t-shirts
  • cover competition and registration fees
  • order additional vex robot parts
  • provide for other young maker activities

Thank you for your support!


I've been with HSL since nearly the beginning and am a firm believer in what HSL stands for and its community. I helped mentor the two 10-kid FIRST Lego League teams back in 2010 when we were at Gangplank and Vex teams since 2012. I've also helped with the Young Makers program since its inception and have taken over its administration since 2012.


I have also been with HSL since the early Gangplank days, and have been mentoring Young Makers and the corresponding competetive teams the from the start.